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Is your 3G/4G mobile website ready for customers’ access under the mobile Internet era when over 4 hundred million people are visiting and browsing web pages with their mobile phones?
The statistics shows that more than 78% of the netizens here in China are using mobile phones for Internet access. Most of the traditional websites had rather bad user experience on mobile terminals because of their messy content, low speed, terrible navigation, etc. Over 79% of the users will hence get lost.
The mobile websites constructed by Pengcheng Tianxing are comprehensively integrated with popular SNS tools such as Wechat, Yixin to present an excellent mobile Internet system with rather good user experience to your customers.

If we compare a website to a personMaybe those who meet the following criteria could be deemed as perfect:

  • 1.Content (I am truly knowledgeable)
  • 2.Quality (I am a man with abundant stories)
  • 3.Marketing (I can vividly and dramatically express myself)
  • 4.Usability (I am easy to communicate and interact)
  • 5.Design (I am good-looking)
  • Safety (I am reliable enough)
  • 7.Performance (I am strong and healthy)
  • 8.W3C (I always obey the rules)
  • 9.SEO (I am famous and attracting more and more attention)

Marketing / Brand PlanningAttention should be payed to either marketing and brand. It is a perfect marketing scheme to both enhance the marketing and heighten the brand visibility.

Marketing-oriented website is tailor-made for each client with the core target of marketing and other elements of promotion attributes, content planning, advantage exploring, etc to make the client brand clearly visible.

Accurate PositioningTailor-made marketing solutions are the ultimate goal of both Pengcheng Tianxing and the clients.

Accurate positioning will be obtained according to the current situation of the enterprise and the potential customer groups together with the in-depth analysis of the historical data of the enterprise’s performances. Thus the generated marketing scheme will be endowed with the unique advantage of exploring as many potential customer groups as possible.

Elegant Visual DesignThe website design strictly adheres to the standardized enterprise visual styles

Revealing a simplified, fashioned and internationalized visual effect while maintaining a harmonious unity of elegance and simplicity. The visual effects combining marketing and visual impression together will attract the love of the customer at the first sight.

Intelligent Layout and SchemeThe reasonable layout of the content effectively enhances the points focused by the clients instead of Pengcheng Tianxing.

The content of the website will be intelligently classified according to the browsing habits of the customers in a clear and ordered architecture so that the required content will be presented outstandingly to the customers with the accurate demands.

Responsive Website ArchitectureThe responsive website architecture follows the same URL address, the same website content and the same strategy employing the same HTML5 + CSS3 technologies.

The HTML5 + CSS3 technological standard enables the constructed website automatically adapted to different display devices such as PC, Pad, mobile phones, etc. This unique technology significantly saves the cost of the enterprise operations.

User Experience OptimizationMarketing schemes to create usable, accessible, functional and valuable user experiences.

After Pengcheng Tianxing’s in-depth optimization, the target website is able to achieve prompt response. The customers can view the fully opened web content within 1 second, preventing the loss of potential customers.

Photograph Packaging of the Corporate IdentityOptimized collecting of the corporate live scenes and team images.

Pengcheng Tianxing is good at capturing high-quality office scenes, corporate images and the subsequent optimization and processing without missing any minor detail. The optimized and processed images are rather beneficial to the comprehensive packaging of the corporate identity.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Marketing schemes are provided including website internal optimization, SEO strategies and keyword deployment.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) includes internal and external optimization. The successful SEO keyword optimization could only be achieved under the condition that the website is designed with the optimized code, architecture and keyword deployment. And Pengcheng Tianxing will take care of all the necessary strategies for the best SEO effects.

Filling the Vital InformationPre-filling the vital information for clients.

Most website construction suppliers do not fill the information for clients during the process of construction. And the content of the website under construction is also not schemed and optimized. This way of doing results in the insipid and unattractive content and inconsistent entity in spite of the superficially fascinating website appearance.

Pengcheng Tianxing will take considerate care of the content scheming and vital information filling during the process of website construction.

Management of the Enterprise Operation and PromotionSubsequent technical support for website operation and promotion.

The establishment of the website is merely the very start. In comparison, it is the successful promotion and marketing of the constructed website that can really bring values to the enterprise. Pengcheng Tianxing is devoted to providing strong support for subsequent promotion and marketing to enhance the overall soft competence of the client enterprise.

Support of Marketing ToolsContinuous support of the latest marketing tools and ideas.

Pengcheng Tianxing is continuously equipped with the latest marketing ideas, tools and techniques to ensure the fast growth and outstanding achievement increase.

Support of the Highly Efficient Consultant GroupExperienced SEM experts and marketing consultants are always available.

Unceasing driving force is ensured to input into the client enterprises with the experienced and senior consultant group through the effective marketing operations.

We are not bragging here above. We still need to enhance our core competence through continuous endeavors along with the constantly developed era.
Pengcheng Tianxing does expect to gain the honorable friendship with you so as to develop together with our pre-historic power.
If you think we are worthy of your trust, maybe we can have a free chat first.

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