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Pengcheng Tianxing is utilizing an outstanding procedure to build up an excellent brand exhibition platform for any client.
Every link of the procedure enable you to keep a real-time monitor of the progress and quality of the website.

e-Marketing Consultant 

  • What can e-Marketing Consultants do for the honored clients?

  • To analyze and diagnose the existing situations of the client network promotions, including functionality, user interface, content, user experience, business procedures, etc about the client website;
  • To confirm the objectives and the necessary schemes of the network promotions according to the available investment and expected benefits of the client enterprises;
  • To plan the network promotion platforms for the clients, including the choice of the third-party network promotion platform;
  • To direct and even lead the development of the client promotion arrangement according to the schemed promotion programs;
  • To guide and assist the clients to handle the possible and sudden crisis;
  • To optimize the client promotion schemes through the regular analysis and diagnosis of the client promotion development.

  • As a senior network promotion consultant, Bill Peng has accumulated abundant experience over 10 years in network application projects and more than 8 years of WEB architecture design, maintenance and promotions. Bill Peng is the senior columnist in many famous Internet columns and media and has acquired very abundant media resources. Bill Peng has established an efficient team emphasizing good user experience and search engine friendly promotion strategies with in-depth familiarity of the latest network promotion technologies and firm possession of affluent promotion channels. Bill Peng’s team does possess the practical experience in helping medium-sized and small enterprises for their marketing strategy establishment, brand promotion scheming, integrated marketing, etc. Hundreds of enterprises have been benefited from Bill Peng’s team to carry on thorough and in-depth analysis and consultation of the network promotion issues, to initiate the actual network promotion activities, to significantly save promotion cost and to achieve substantial improvement of profits. Some of such cooperative clients are: China Telecom, Samsung Online Shop, Sharp TV, MOBA (China), ezheb.com, Domainnet, yingxiao360.com, OSA, Well Education English, jnzl.com, etc.

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